Built Environment Transformation Gross Floor Area (BE Transformation GFA) Incentive Scheme Briefing

BCA together with STAS is arranging a briefing on the Built Environment Transformation Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme. 


Why should you join in the briefing ? It is to update the Built Environment colleagues and accelerate the adoption on this initiative especially on:


  1. How to compute a minimum of 65% prefab MEP systems;
  2. BCA to explain Final Productivity Implementation Plan (PIP) showing the achievement of the stipulated productivity outcome at the Temporary Operation Permit (TOP) stage;
  3. [Circular page 11 of 22] Term “Prefab MEP” means Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing components or equipment which are manufactured and assembled in an accredited fabrication facility, in accordance with any accredited fabrication method;  What does this means?