Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Association (ARA)
Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Association (ARA)
About ARA

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Association (ARA), founded in 1972 is a trade association to represents the interests of air-conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers, suppliers and contractors. ARA is a united voice for the airconditioning & refrigeration industry and works for members’ benefit and interest.

ARA Objective

  1. To Set up and information system and library.
  2. To set recommended standard of practice and business ethics.
  3. To upgrade business knowledge of members and promote interest of members.
  4. To upgrade technical and management knowledge and skill of members’ staff to improve productivity.
  5. To offer information on new technology and issues to members.

We work together to promote professional contracting and energy efficiency airconditioning units for our society.

Members Field Consists of :

  1. Installers of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
  2. Individual firm, company or corporation associated with refrigeration or airconditioning.
  3. Architects, consulting engineers, quantity surveyors and manufacturers and /or representatives relating to the refrigeration and/or air-conditioning industry

Members Field Consists of :

  1. Installers of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
  2. Individual firm, company or corporation associated with refrigeration or airconditioning.
  3. Architects, consulting engineers, quantity surveyors and manufacturers and /or representatives relating to the refrigeration and/or air-conditioning industry
Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS)
Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS)
About MBAS

Established by a group of like-minded Singapore’s building industry professionals from the contractor’s field, Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS) was created with a key objective of addressing the interests and challenges faced by the Singapore’s micro builders industry which comprises of mainly the SMEs contractors. As a professional trade association, MBAS is proud to be the 11th member association to the Specialist Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS), which comprises of 10 other building related trade associations under one roof. Together with MBAS and STAS’s affiliated members, the combined organisations is home to more than 1,300 companies from Singapore covering the entire spectrum of the building and construction specialist trades.

MBAS Objective

  1. Promoting, moderating and participating in the review and evaluation of the micro builders industry in Singapore when possible;
  2. Providing a platform for global market access and networking that would contribute to the continuing business development of industry partners;
  3. Engaging in the exchange of professional and technical knowledge and opinions through the: (1) conduct, sponsorship, or encouragement of research and publications; and (2) distribution of materials, including books, papers, or reports; and
  4. Representing the views of the micro builders industry on industrial conditions, micro builders policy, and micro builders legislation to the relevant authorities, when necessary.

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Roofing Association Singapore (RAS)
Roofing Association Singapore (RAS)
About RAS
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Security Systems Association Of Singapore (SSAS)
Security Systems Association of Singapore (SSAS)
About SSAS

Founded in 1995, the Security Systems Association of Singapore (SSAS) aims to lead and support the Republic's electronic security industry in the provision of security products and services. Having strong links with government and the police force allows the association to develop mutual policies which will see the industry and government working together to improve all levels of safety and security within Singapore.

SSAS also serves as a channel for its members to interact and discuss matters and opinions pertaining the security systems and equipment industry. By cooperating with other associations on matters of mutual interest, SSAS develops technical standards which its members shall comply in order to promote the industry's ability to continuously provide professional security services in Singapore.

In addition to encouraging excellence and integrity among its members, SSAS also provides advice and assistance to public on security related issues.

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Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association (SBMSA)
Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association (SBMSA)

Objects Of The Association: "To promote harmony and cooperation among all members and cultivate friendship and mutual help so as to bring closer relationship to improve trade."

The history of Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association (SBMSA) marks a proud existence of more than 80 years. As we look back, it is like riding a roller coaster, experiencing all ups and downs, bearing the marks of various stages of developments of the country.

SBMSA was founded in 1928. It was originally called “新加坡枋商公会” (Singapore Timber Merchants’ Association) as timber was the vital building material at that time. As the country progressed and technologies advanced, it later changed to its current name of “新加坡建筑材料商公会” (Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association) in 1965 to widen the scope of membership and reflect their multifarious business activities in various types of building materials.

It has been a long way to come to the present stage, braving all odds in time of adversity. Today, our association is still in existence and growing! This can be attributed to the invaluable support of SBMSA members and their concerted efforts towards cooperation and solidarity, and our promotion of networking and exchanging information among members! This is the strength of the association.

In addition, our association is a member of Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS). Together with Singapore Metal & Machinery Association, Singapore Ship-Chandlers Association, Singapore Hardware and Tools Association, Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers & Exporters Association and Singapore Rope, Hardware & Paint Merchants Association, we had affiliated with each other to form the Six Trade Associations. With such strength, we had successfully urged the Government to pass the Security Payment Act to protect the building contractors.

With such a broad-based alliance, we have built up internationally a wide-scale of connectivity between the relevant businesses, especially in China which offer many business opportunities.

Singapore Electrical Contractors & Licensed Electrical Workers Association (SECA)
Singapore Electrical Contractors & Licensed Electrical Workers Association (SECA)
About SECA

Singapore Electrical Contractors and Licensed Electrical Workers Association founded in 1976 and have an official acronym namely - < SECA>.

The Rationales of the above Logo beside “SECA” are:

  1. The standard wiring colours used in Singapore.
  2. Brown for Live. Blue for Neutral. Green-Yellow for Earth.

SECA is also represented in various Spring Singapore “Singapore Standards Committees and Sub-Committees” to ensure our inputs are included for the Electrical Trades.

We constantly provide members of the various updates from the building industries, our affiliated associations, institutions and government authorities etc. Networking gatherings and Annual Golf Tournaments are part of the activities held to foster better relationship among members and trade associates.

SECA started its Education Fund from 2018 aimed to support the students in Electrical Engineering related in ITE, Poly and University. The Fund is for SECA to reach-out to the Education Institutions and in particular the students in Electrical Engineering and for the purpose of book award, bursary to assist the needed students.

SECA is also contributing to charitable organisations as part of it Social Responsibility Programme engaging itself to a Fine and Excellent Society fill with Love and Compassion.

Through its active participation in the STAS’ activities, SECA creates another platform for its members’ voice to be heard to building industry and authorities concerned.

SECA Objective

  1. To look after the interest of its members by providing a communication channel with the relevant authorities and trade institutions.
  2. To organise various types of activities for members to foster better relationship among them.
  3. To provide skill enhancement opportunities to members.

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Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA)
Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA)
About SETA

SETA Objective

  1. To secure the complete organisation and unity of all persons doing and /or connected with the electrical trade and to promote industrial, social and intellectual interests of its members;
  2. Assist its members on matters concerning their work especially in their dealings with local authorities and clients;
  3. To promote and protect the mutual interests of members by encouraging their advancement in the practice of electrical engineering work through lectures and technical discussions; and /or
  4. To maintain and uphold a high standard of service to the community at large.

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Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)
Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)
About SFIC

Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) was established in 1981 as the official representative body of Singapore’s furniture industry. It currently represents 95% of furniture manufacturers in Singapore, 65% of whom have subsidiary manufacturing plants in the region, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Its primary roles include promoting the interest of its members and the Singapore furniture industry, facilitating members’ exposure to the world market, creating more entrepreneurs through human resource development through the incorporalization of SFIC Institute, developing local talents, creating more leading-edge and boast the overall design standards through the holistics design dna program which includes organising competitions such as the annual Furniture Design Award, overseas design missions and seminars etc. SFIC also forge strategic partnerships with government and trade-related agencies, harnessing technology and knowledge for growth through the use of information technology.

SFIC, the parent company of International Furniture Fair Singapore Pte Ltd, is the organiser of the annual International Furniture Fair Singapore and ASEAN Furniture Show, Deco Asia and Hospitality Asia. SFIC also manages the International Furniture Centre at Sungei Kadut and represents Singapore in the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC). SFIC is also represented in the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, DesignS, Enterprise Development Advisory Council, Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Manufacturers' Federation Manufacturers' Federation as well as Specialist Trade Alliance of Singapore.

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Singapore Glass Association (SGA)
Singapore Glass Association (SGA)
About SGA

SGA Objective

  1. To foster relation and understanding amongst glass specialists and other contributors to the trade (engineers, contractors etc);
  2. To encourage the development of facilities and training of managers, chemists, engineers, researchers and executives of the glass and glazing trade;
  3. To provide recreational facilities for the immersion of culture, music and other kinds of social activities;
  4. To implement any developmental plans or commercial activities that are for the benefit and good of SGA and its members;
  5. To assist members in increasing their business opportunities and attaining higher levels of productivity and proficiency thought various means, including SGA’s affiliations with foreign glass merchants and glaziers associations;
  6. To increase public awareness of SGA and its practices by organizing and conducting course seminars and workshops on glass knowledge for the general public;
  7. To look after the welfare of members and promote fellowship amongst them, as well as to resolve disputes among members, if any;
  8. To identify issues and anticipate trends in the glass merchants and glaziers industry;
  9. To represent members in discussions and dialogues with other trade/industry bodies and the government.

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Singapore Lift & Escalator Contractors & Manufacturers Association (SLECMA)
Singapore Lift & Escalator Contractors & Manufacturers Association (SLECMA)

The Singapore Lift & Escalator Contractors and Manufacturers Association is formed in 1975.The Association is formed to promote and protect legitimate trade practices in connection with the manufacture, importation and distribution by its members of all kinds of lift and escalator equipment. It also works closely with the authority, developers, owners and users in ensuring a high standard of performance and safety in the operation of the lift and escalator equipment in Singapore.

Mission & Objectives

  1. To improve the safety use of lifts and escalators.
  2. Providing safety advice to public on the proper usage of lifts and escalators.
  3. To promote and protect trade practice among members.
  4. To ensure the highest standard of performance and safety of the lifts and escalators in Singapore.

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Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS)
Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS)
About SPS

THE SINGAPORE PLUMBING SOCIETY is a recognized plumbing establishment that represents trained and qualified plumbing practitioners in Singapore. We, in the Plumbing Society, are committed to providing value-added plumbing services to all our customers – the house owners, developers, architects, consultants, managing agents of properties etc. We would ensure that the work we perform or the plumbing system we provide conform to established standards.

The Singapore Plumbing Society was founded in 1956 by pioneering plumbers who saw the need to represent interests of plumbing in Singapore. Known initially as the Singapore Sanitary Contractors, it was changed in 1971 to the Singapore Institute of Plumbing and then to the Singapore Sanitary and Plumbing Association before being changed again to its present name after several years.

Today, the Society has developed into an institution ready to assist plumbers to meet the new challenges in today's changing economic landscape and to exploit the opportunities arising from the linkage created by the move towards a global economy.

In 2000, the relocation of SPS’ new office paved the way for it to better represent the plumbing industry and to address its concerns and problems arising and to communicate with government, commercial and relevant organizations and the general public. As the plumbing industry flagship, SPS has accepted the challenge of helping its Members to focus on both short term and long-term issues.


  1. To promote the Art & Science of Sanitary & Plumbing Technology and advance the status & interest of Members.
  2. To promote business enterprises and ventures for Members in any practical way either locally or internationally.
  3. To promote awareness of the existence of the Society and to raise the level of civic consciousness of its Members to the public.
  4. To accredit all qualified plumbers into the Registry of Plumbers of the Society.
  5. To manage, maintain and control the Registry of Plumbers recognized by government or public body.
  6. To work or affiliate with other Boards, Institutes, Societies, Organizations locally or overseas for the betterment of the Society.
  7. To encourage Members to participate in the different roles as may be classified by the activities of the Society to meet its organizational objectives.
  8. To organize and conduct continuing professional development programmes.

SPS Acts As A Unified And Representative Body For The Plumbing Profession And Its Related Sectors. It Serves As The Voice Of The Plumbing Profession Through:

  1. Having regular dialogues with relevant organizations, government and quasi-government bodies for and on behalf of its Members.
  2. Forging closer interaction and co-operation with local and foreign national commercial organizations and government authorities, and acts as a catalyst to bring about growth and development in the plumbing industry.
  3. Promoting productivity, material and technological upgrade of the plumbing and related services sectors, and creating awareness and supporting efforts on quality, environment and consumer protection.
  4. Informing members of commercial and technological developments so that they can operate effectively in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, and take advantage of opportunities that arise.
  5. Promoting Singapore plumbing and related industries both locally and abroad.
  6. Strengthening plumbing's role in up-lifting the quality of life through high standards of plumbing and sanitation practices.

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Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers and Exporters Association (SSWIEA)
Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers and Exporters Association (SSWIEA)

Established in 1968, This 42 years old non-profit organization never steers away from their vision and aim to meet the oncoming challenges from the fierce and competitive building industries. Their establishment was well highlighted when the Singapore Government pushed for urban re-developments and vast plan of building housing flats in the era of the sixties.

SSWIEA at present, represents a wide cross-section of the Singapore business in trading, manufacturing, wholesales, retails, agencies and distributions of materials, products, accessories and etc, especially related to the water, oil, gas, building, environmental, sanitary and plumbing industries. Many leading building-related companies have thus becoming their members.

The Vision

To establish SSWIEA as a regional hub and network for the industry by continuously strengthening the knowledge and improving products and services offered.

The Mission

  1. Promoting the common interest of the industry.
  2. Serving as a platform for information and trends for resources, technology, policies and related issues.
  3. Representing the interests of its members to the Government and Statutory Boards.
  4. Leveraging industry strength by establishing domestic and global alliance and co-operations.
  5. To develop, maintain and promote global standards to achieve the requirements of product applications.
  6. To promote community and environmental responsibility.

The Values

Respect and respond to the needs of members and stakeholders, strive to continually improve the quality of services for better performance, higher efficiency and enhanced competitiveness, at the same time acknowledging the contributions by the members and employees. Last but not least, fostering the cultures of teamwork, collaboration and cohesiveness, so as to archive enduring relationship and unity among members.

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