STAS-NACE OJT Blueprint Development

STAS have collaborated with NACE, National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning, to design packages to help develop an On-The-Job Training (OJT) blueprint for your company. In this disruptive climate, the OJT blueprint is crucial in helping companies bounce back quickly from Government’s policy changes and exigencies.

Benefits of OJT Blueprint
  1. Strengthens Knowledge Management as company can retain and build on current best practices and processes
  2. Helps in planning for faster onboarding processes
  3. Improves productivity by increasing transparency on how things are done correctly
  4. Fortifies Business Continuity Planning (BCP) when dealing with challenging situations e.g. current COVID-19

OJT Blueprint Development for TWO Job Roles

STAS want to bring this workplace learning into the Built Environment Sector, therefore we will be providing funding for you!

This funding support is only available to eligible companies who take up the programme through STAS. Therefore, we encourage you to quickly take up the OJT Blueprint Development Programme from STAS due to limited funding support!

For interested companies, please email to