Who We Are

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Corporate Members

Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore is an industry association representing the building specialist contractors and suppliers in the building and construction industry. An alliance of 14 Building Specialists and Suppliers associations with over 1,400 corporate members, we advocate the standards of fair trading and commerce in our building and construction industry. As a credible and relevant industry partner, STAS strives to support trade specialists in growing their businesses to become more resilient and sustainable.

STAS programme is categorized into 3 main areas:

  1. Competency Development (Building Specialist Training, Specialists Trade Work Safety Course and Shared Services Provider Registry)
  2. Industry Engagement (Events, Workshops, Tradeshows and Business Missions)
  3. Prefabricated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme (MAS)

STAS is an active member in some of the BCA Committees, BuildSG Tripartite, Workplace Safety and Health Council ( WSHC ) Construction and Landscape Committee, Work at Height Task Force (WAHTF), Gov Procurement Working Group (SBF), Security Industry Transformation Committee (ISTC), Security Industry Forum (SIF) by Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD), Security Agency Grading Exercise (SAGE) Task Force.

Our Key Initiatives

Accreditation of Prefabrication MEP MAS

In supporting our Singapore’s initiative Design for Manufacturing and Assembly ( DfMA ) under Construction Industry Transformation Maps (ITM) for the Built Environment Sector

Act as an Industry platform for our Building Specialist Contractors & Suppliers to network amongst industry stakeholders.

To upskill our Building Specialist Contractors & Suppliers through our specialists experiential learnings

Our Objective
To Develop & Improve
  1. The standard of conduct and professionalism of trade and specialist contractors and suppliers in the building and construction industry.
  2. The standard of fair-trading and commerce in the building and construction industry.
  3. The relationship and co-operation between and amongst members of the Association and with parties related to the building and construction industry.
To Promote & Enhance
  1. High standard of safety practices in building and construction industry.
Our Management Council Committee

We have a group of committee members who understand their responsibilities and play their roles professionally. Our committee members not only have the right mixtures of skills, abilities and experiences in the business of building and construction, they also show full commitment to the roles and aims & objectives of our organization.


John Tan (SECA)

1st Vice President

Ian Teo (MBAS)

2nd Vice President

Gan Pay Yap (SGA)

Hon. Secretary

Quah Eng Hing (SLECMA)


Don Lim (SFIC)

Hon. Past President

Nelson Tee (SSAS)

Thomas Ang (SSWIEA)

Internal Auditor

Gan Geok Chua (SGA)

Management Committee

  1. Leong Cheng Wee (ARA)
  2. Ng Soy Ng (SBMSA)
  3. Louis Lim (SETA)
  4. Dominic Ang (FPAS)
  5. Alfred Lim (WTAS)
  1. Thomas Chua (SSWIEA)
  2. Benjamin Tan (RAS)
  3. Johnny Ng (SPS)
  4. Jason Kurek (SSAS)

Any enquiry, kindly contact STAS Secretariat Office at