Integrated Digital Delivery by Shared Services Provider

Building Construction Authority (BCA) has been pushing the use of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) as a key enabler to transform the way Singapore build under the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM). IDD build on the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), which have been implemented in many projects over the past few years.

IDD covers the following four areas:

  1. Digital Design
  2. Digital Fabrication
  3. Digital Construction
  4. Digital Asset Delivery and Management

The push for transformation is further reinforced by COVID-19, as there is now a greater impetus to drive the use of digital technology across the whole construction value chain to improve productivity and to build up the company resilience.

One of the four key strategies to address the challenges in raising the supply and quality of manpower in IDD is to scale up our IDD Shared Services Providers.

BCA together with STAS are implementing the Shared Service Provider (SSP) registration system who can offer Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) services to the industry. We strongly encourage industry to engage SSP that are registered with STAS that have met the pre-qualification criteria by the IDD Manpower Workgroup.

Registration Criteria

To ensure quality of Shared Services Provider service delivery, all SSP will have to meet the key criteria as listed below:

  1. Local Office Setup
  2. Type of BIM Services Providing
  3. Quality Assurance Plan
How to be a Registered Shared Service Provider?
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