The Work-Home Marketplace 2021

Jointly organized by the Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS) and TAC Group, The Work-Home Marketplace 2021 is the first marketplace ever held at a sheltered carpark bearing the concept of an car boot sale!

Working remotely has become a new norm for most. Many are adopting the practice of telecommuting with a blurred line between work and personal life. Therefore, The Work-Home Marketplace is the first event in Singapore conceptualised to provide the needed solutions for anyone to work from home comfortably and efficiently.

Coupling with a CAR BOOT SALE concept at Level 8 Carpark of HarbourFront Centre, this B2C marketplace is perfect for direct sourcing of products and services, focusing on home and technology related products and services that enhances the experience of working from home.

To visit our website, please click HERE! You may also email to to arrange a zoom with us for more information!


So what are you waiting for? Quickly Join Us Now! Only 45 Booths Available!

STAS & NACE – Workplace Learning Programme


We are pleased to announce that NACE & STAS will be collaborating in training and professional development in Workplace Learning to benefit the industry in developing capabilities and implement sustainable Workplace Learning for the industry.

We are offering 3 affordable packages!

Package A: Skills Gap Analysis/Training Needs Analysis + OJT Blueprint Development

Package B: OJT Blueprint Development for TWO Job Roles

Package C: OJT Blueprint Development for ONE Job Roles

Funding will be available for eligible companies.

We recommend you to reserve your slot & funding from us!

Email to '' for more information.


STAS Engagement with ESG

Dear Members,

In our continuous efforts to support Singapore construction and construction manufacturing & supplier companies, Enterprise Singapore have held an open virtual ‘kopi chat’ to share the support measures and understand business issues that members have faced. Enterprise Singapore have held an engagement with STAS, especially the construction related suppliers and manufacturers companies.

Theme: KOPI Chat with STAS x ESG
Date:      28 Aug 2020
Time:     11am to 12pm

Link for KOPI Chat Engagement Session:

BCA-SCAL-STAS Restart Webinar (Mandarin)

Registration link for STAS:

BCA, SCAL and STAS are jointly organising a Mandarin webinar for the builder and specialist contractor communities to share on observable good practices and workable solutions for Safe Management Measures at worksites. The webinar programme is as follows:

Theme: BCA-SCAL-STAS Restart Webinar: Good Practices & Common Pitfalls of COVID-Safe Measures for Construction Projects (Mandarin)
Date:      7 Aug 2020
Time:     11am to 12.30pm

BCA-SCAL-STAS 复工网上研讨会: 建筑业冠病后复工的良好典范与错误示范 (中文版)

新加坡建设局,新加坡建筑商工会和新加坡专业承包商联盟将在这星期五(8月7日)举办中文版的网络研讨会。 讨论内容包括:

1) 检查建筑项目工地常见的良好示范
2) 建筑项目工地安全措施
3) 在冠病安全措施下有效的项目策划与执行


Working Together Towards COVID-Safe and Restart Ready

Registration link for STAS:

With the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period ending 1 June 2020, construction works will resume in a safe but controlled manner in phases to minimise the resurgence of COVID-19 outbreaks within the built environment sector. Organised jointly with Specialist Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS) and Singapore Lift & Escalator Contractors & Manufacturers Association (SLECMA), this webinar will share COVID-Safe restart policy consideration, requirements support measures and processes, to help industry firms and stakeholders to be COVID-Safe and restart ready.


  • A COVID-Safe Industry Restart: Policy Consideration, Restart Criteria & Support Measures
  • A COVID-Safe Workforce for the Built Environment Sector
  • A COVID-Safe Worksite for All
  • A COVID-Safe Accommodation / Transport for the Construction Workers
  • Q & A

Traineeship Collaboration with ITE

Dear Members,

As businesses are allowed to operate in phases from 2 June 2020, this is an opportunity for you to restructure your manpower needs to be more resilient in the coming years.

Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS) has collaborated with ITE to serve the need for engaging junior manpower to be trained and grow with our local companies, with funding from Skills Future Singapore, to defray some overhead cost.

The ITE Traineeship is a 1-year program. The trainees have completed 1st year technical training in ITE; hence they have some, albeit limited, background knowledge of the industry. They would be able to learn faster with on-the-job training as compared to fresh school leavers. The trainee will be your employee and you will be able to interview prior to recruiting them.

Details are attached. Do register your interest by scanning the QR Code and the person-in-charge from ITE will get in touch with you.

We hope this collaboration will serve the needs of our members during this challenging time.

Thank you and best regards,
STAS Secretariat