The Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers and Exporters Association (SSWIEA)

Established in 1968, This 42 years old non-profit organization never steers away from their vision and aim to meet the oncoming challenges from the fierce and competitive building industries. Their establishment was well highlighted when the Singapore Government pushed for urban re-developments and vast plan of building housing flats in the era of the sixties.

SSWIEA at present, represents a wide cross-section of the Singapore business in trading, manufacturing, wholesales, retails, agencies and distributions of materials, products, accessories and etc, especially related to the water, oil, gas, building, environmental, sanitary and plumbing industries. Many leading building-related companies have thus becoming their members.

The Vision

To establish SSWIEA as a regional hub and network for the industry by continuously strengthening the knowledge and improving products and services offered.

The Mission

Promoting the common interest of the industry.
Serving as a platform for information and trends for resources, technology, policies and related issues.
Representing the interests of its members to the Government and Statutory Boards.
Leveraging industry strength by establishing domestic and global alliance and co-operations.
To develop, maintain and promote global standards to achieve the requirements of product applications.
To promote community and environmental responsibility.

The Values

Respect and respond to the needs of members and stakeholders, strive to continually improve the quality of services for better performance, higher efficiency and enhanced competitiveness, at the same time acknowledging the contributions by the members and employees. Last but not least, fostering the cultures of teamwork, collaboration and cohesiveness, so as to archive enduring relationship and unity among members.

List Of Committee Members

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