Singapore Plumbing Society

THE SINGAPORE PLUMBING SOCIETY is a recognized plumbing establishment that represents trained and qualified plumbing practitioners in Singapore. We, in the Plumbing Society, are committed to providing value-added plumbing services to all our customers – the house owners, developers, architects, consultants, managing agents of properties etc. We would ensure that the work we perform or the plumbing system we provide conform to established standards.

The Singapore Plumbing Society was founded in 1956 by pioneering plumbers who saw the need to represent interests of plumbing in Singapore. Known initially as the Singapore Sanitary Contractors, it was changed in 1971 to the Singapore Institute of Plumbing and then to the Singapore Sanitary and Plumbing Association before being changed again to its present name after several years.

Today, the Society has developed into an institution ready to assist plumbers to meet the new challenges in today's changing economic landscape and to exploit the opportunities arising from the linkage created by the move towards a global economy.

In 2000, the relocation of SPS’ new office paved the way for it to better represent the plumbing industry and to address its concerns and problems arising and to communicate with government, commercial and relevant organizations and the general public. As the plumbing industry flagship, SPS has accepted the challenge of helping its Members to focus on both short term and long-term issues.


  1. To promote the Art & Science of Sanitary & Plumbing Technology and advance the status & interest of Members.
  2. To promote business enterprises and ventures for Members in any practical way either locally or internationally.
  3. To promote awareness of the existence of the Society and to raise the level of civic consciousness of its Members to the public.
  4. To accredit all qualified plumbers into the Registry of Plumbers of the Society.
  5. To manage, maintain and control the Registry of Plumbers recognized by government or public body.
  6. To work or affiliate with other Boards, Institutes, Societies, Organizations locally or overseas for the betterment of the Society.
  7. To encourage Members to participate in the different roles as may be classified by the activities of the Society to meet its organizational objectives.
  8. To organize and conduct continuing professional development programmes.

SPS Acts As A Unified And Representative Body For The Plumbing Profession And Its Related Sectors. It Serves As The Voice Of The Plumbing Profession Through:

  • Having regular dialogues with relevant organizations, government and quasi-government bodies for and on behalf of its Members.
  • Forging closer interaction and co-operation with local and foreign national commercial organizations and government authorities, and acts as a catalyst to bring about growth and development in the plumbing industry.
  • Promoting productivity, material and technological upgrade of the plumbing and related services sectors, and creating awareness and supporting efforts on quality, environment and consumer protection.
  • Informing members of commercial and technological developments so that they can operate effectively in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, and take advantage of opportunities that arise.
  • Promoting Singapore plumbing and related industries both locally and abroad.
  • Strengthening plumbing's role in up-lifting the quality of life through high standards of plumbing and sanitation practices.

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