Brief History of The Singapore Glass Association

In May 1969, the newly-enacted “Restrictive Regulations for Glass Import” imposed a fixed quota for glass import at 120% of 1968’s glass import figures. This regulation seriously impacted the operations and developmental aspects of Singapore’s glass industry.

In actual fact, the quota was set to support and spur the growth and development of the glass industry in Singapore, and to protect the emerging industries, and encourage local merchants to invest and set up glass manufacturing factories, so as to reduce the dependency on external and exported glass products.

It was during that period in time where a group of merchants who were concerned with the common interests of the industry decided to come together and call for the forming of an association that would uphold and fight for the interest of the industry from the government.

In the very same year, the “Singapore Glass Merchants & Glaziers Association” was organised and founded, and had petitioned, reflected and communicated issues faced by the industry to the relevant authorities and government.

On 20th May 1969, Tuesday at 6pm sharp, seventeen glass traders gathered at The Majestic Restaurant at Bukit Pasoh Road, and decided to form an association to collectively appeal to The Government to lift the quota. After the meeting, a Pro tem Committee consisting of the following members was formed.

The organizing committee subsequently drafted the constitutions and applied for registration, while simultaneously represented the industry to petition and communicate issues faced by fellow industry members to the relevant authorities. The association registration was approved in the same year on the 14th July. Consequently, the government finally retracted plans to embark on the quota system on the 5th November, and continued with free trade policies.

1st Term Of Executive Committee

ChairmanMr. Ho Kok Cheong
Vice ChairmanMr. K. Abdulgani
SecretaryMr. Tok Tio Nghee
Assistant SecretaryMr. Tok Tio Nghee
TreasurerLai Kwai Fong
Assistant TreasurerMr. Lye Chee Hoong
Supt. Social CommitteeMr. Kuan Ying Lam
Supt. WelfareMr. Yong Kong Lian
SupervisoryMr. Tang Chin Kuan
Committee Members Mr. Chin Yit Wing
Mr. Goh Im Moe
Mr. Goh Hui Meng
Mdm Soo Wong Sum
Mr. Lau Puck Hoi
Mr. M. A. Sella Maricar
Special CommitteeMr. Normohamed Abdul Kadir
Mr. Ho Tong Cheong

After applying for so many years, the new name and the new logo of the Association have been approved by the Registrar of Societies on the 30 January 2004. The new name is "新加坡玻璃公会 Singapore Glass Association". Both names are simple and easy to recognize.

35th Term Executive Committee Of The Singapore Glass Association (2018-2020)

ChairmanMr. Gan Geok Chua
Honorary Advisor cum Executive Committee MemberMr. Gan Chee Siong
Vice-ChairmanMr. Mak Kwan Hoong
Vice-ChairmanMr. Tan Gee Cheng
Secretary GeneralMr. Simon Goh Lian Seah
Assistant Secretary GeneralMr. Adrian Goh Sin Han
TreasurerMr. Gan Pay Yap
Assistant TreasurerMs. Janice Leong Miew Chan
Social Affairs ExecutiveMr. Chew Yeow Teng
Assistant Social Affairs ExecutiveMr. Alex Chong Chee Yong
Assistant Social Affairs ExecutiveMr. Sean Liew
Disciplinary ExecutiveMr. Kee Seah Meh
Assistant Disciplinary ExecutiveMr. Tony Loh Mei Hin
Public Relations ExecutiveMr. Chew Ker Yee
Asst. Public Relations ExecutiveMs. Sara Ang
Technical ExecutiveMr. Melvin Po Sze Wei
Assistant Technical ExecutiveMr. Marcus Lim
Assistant Technical ExecutiveMr. Ong Zee Zon
Assistant Technical ExecutiveMr. Adam Tan Wah Kian
Executive Committee MemberMr. Gan Chee Siong
Executive Committee MemberMr. Teo Eu Oon
Executive Committee MemberMr. George Rao Guo Zhong
Executive Committee MemberMr. Max Hong
Executive Committee MemberMr. Benjamin Lim
Executive Committee MemberMr. Gan Pay Chee
Honorary AuditorMr. David Ng Ann Eng
Assistant Honorary AuditorMr. Chan Yew Kong