Objects Of The Association: "To promote harmony and cooperation among all members and cultivate friendship and mutual help so as to bring closer relationship to improve trade." 

The history of Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association (SBMSA) marks a proud existence of more than 80 years. As we look back, it is like riding a roller coaster, experiencing all ups and downs, bearing the marks of various stages of developments of the country. 

SBMSA was founded in 1928. It was originally called “新加坡枋商公会” (Singapore Timber Merchants’ Association) as timber was the vital building material at that time. As the country progressed and technologies advanced, it later changed to its current name of “新加坡建筑材料商公会” (Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association) in 1965 to widen the scope of membership and reflect their multifarious business activities in various types of building materials. 

It has been a long way to come to the present stage, braving all odds in time of adversity. Today, our association is still in existence and growing! This can be attributed to the invaluable support of SBMSA members and their concerted efforts towards cooperation and solidarity, and our promotion of networking and exchanging information among members! This is the strength of the association. 

In addition, our association is a member of Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS). Together with Singapore Metal & Machinery Association, Singapore Ship-Chandlers Association, Singapore Hardware and Tools Association, Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers & Exporters Association and Singapore Rope, Hardware & Paint Merchants Association, we had affiliated with each other to form the Six Trade Associations. With such strength, we had successfully urged the Government to pass the Security Payment Act to protect the building contractors. 

With such a broad-based alliance, we have built up internationally a wide-scale of connectivity between the relevant businesses, especially in China which offer many business opportunities.

SBMSA 58th Executive Committee Members

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