About Us

Founded in 1995, the Security Systems Association of Singapore (SSAS) aims to lead and support the Republic's electronic security industry in the provision of security products and services. Having strong links with government and the police force allows the association to develop mutual policies which will see the industry and government working together to improve all levels of safety and security within Singapore. 

SSAS also serves as a channel for its members to interact and discuss matters and opinions pertaining the security systems and equipment industry. By cooperating with other associations on matters of mutual interest, SSAS develops technical standards which its members shall comply in order to promote the industry's ability to continuously provide professional security services in Singapore. 

In addition to encouraging excellence and integrity among its members, SSAS also provides advice and assistance to public on security related issues.

Executive Committee Members (Term 2019-2021)

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For more information, kindly visit www.ssas.org.sg