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Dear Science Educators,

Welcome to the website of Science Teachers Association of Singapore.

Our association represents the Singapore Science educators. It was formed some 48 years ago by a group of enthusiastic science teachers.

We are a vibrant community of like-minded Science educators who wish to advance science education through continuously promoting emerging trends in science education and the subject disciplinarity.

Teaching Science is a challenging task, especially in this day and time. Not only do we need to master the content, we need to be able to bring across the science concepts to students using the most appropriate pedagogy suited to their learning needs. The Science teachers seek opportunities to enhance their pedagogical content knowledge and network with like-minded educators for professional growth.

For the students, we collaborate with partners to provide platforms and programme to trigger their curiosity and share the passion for Science. for instance, the Young Scientist Card Scheme (started 30 years ago and going strong), Questa Club Activity and the annual national science fair.

For the teachers, we aim to connect the science educators and plan professional learning activities such as the annual overseas science educators’ trip and the biennial Science teachers conference are some examples of the association's attempts to keep the subject relevant and current.

The new committee hopes to sustain the commendable efforts put in by the predecessors and will continue to enhance the association's attempts to reach out to all Science educators in Singapore.

My wish is to connect and collaborate with the science educators in Singapore to continue to promote science and science education for the young. Join us in this effort.

Ms Irene Tan

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